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Outsidepride Aubrieta Rock Cress Cascade Blue Seeds - 1000 seeds


  • Aubrieta cascade blue is a perennial, low growing ground cover plant grown in USDA Zones 4 - 9. This blue flowering plant is a sweetly scented groundcover that will attract an array of beneficial insects such as bumblebees, hummingbirds, as well as butterflies & ladybugs.
  • This beautiful ground cover, also known as rock cress, is terrific for rock walls, hanging baskets, or other containers. It is also considered to be deer resistant.
  • Even at full height, this blue low growing plant only grows to 4 inches tall and spreads.
  • Blue aubrieta is a perennial flowering ground cover which produces small blue flowers. It is aptly named for it's use in rock gardens which is why it is also called rock cress.
  • Plant approximately 1000 seeds to cover 20 square feet in planting for a ground cover or cascading over a rock wall. Keep seeds continually moist until germination. This may mean watering several times a day.
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