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Emsco Group 92200 Lightweight Great Heron Garden Statue, 31", Bronze


  • NATURAL TEXTURE AND APPEARANCE – The Great Heron Statue has a natural texture that resembles real bronze. Add style to your home décor with this conversational statuary piece, perfect in any lawn, garden, or household.
  • DURABLE RESIN CONSTRUCTION – This statue is manufactured from a durable resin polymer (polyethylene) to replicate a bronze statue at a lower price. Fill the statue with gravel or sand to anchor against wind and weather.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT – This sculpture is made of lightweight and durable polyethylene. Instead of a heavy, expensive bronze statue, this statue can be effortlessly carried and installed in seconds – no more back breaking work and lifting!
  • ENHANCES ANY LANDSCAPE – Enhance landscapes and exteriors. This Great Heron Statue comes in several finishes including sand, granite and bronze: Great for the garden, patio, driveway, porch or landscape projects.
  • VARIOUS PRODUCTS AND DESIGNS – EMSCO Group offers a complete artisan statuary line with many options of figurines and sculptures along with several other products for the lawn, garden, home and outdoors
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